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What are the differences, when sailing with kids?

Adult trips: This is how we loved sailing

Bevor we purchased Moya and went blue water sailing we have been chartering bare boats. When chartering, we usually were a group of 6-8 adults. When mooring everyone was responsible for one fender or one line. When sailing maneuvers 2 people pulled the lines, in both cases, the helm man remained where he was - at the helm. There was always an empty hand available, even of training man overboard maneuvers. One gets up in the morning whenever convenient and gets ready. If we felt like having breakfast on land, its done, if we felt like staying on board, also not a problem, someone was quickly found to get a baguette at the next bakery. If we docked late, we just turned off the engine and headed for the closest pub or enjoy an evening chatting on deck. Thats the way how we knew sailing and we loved it.

Same-Same, but different: Sailing with kids

The parents among our readers probably can imagine that sailing with 2 small children does not have much in common with our sailing vacations. I have never sailed one-handed, but with children ...

When Jonathan gets hungry and Joshua has to go to the bathroom, at the same time the wind is turning and you are just before the harbor entrance, action is on. Everyone has at least 2 tasks and sometimes it gets a bit chaotic. Upon arrival, no thought is wasted on going to a pub, either we go to the playground or beach, or the children have to go to bed. If you're lucky we don`t fall asleep while reading a story and can enjoy a quite evening after the storm has passed.

Disembarking with the little ones is a longer process, until sorting out the stroller, diapers, putting on the life jackets, packing everything else and tying the dinghy up we often spent more than 30 mintues. Who wants to do this, with hungry and quaking kids?

Yes, sailing with kids is definitely different than an adult's trip, but just as nice with the right gear Kids gear