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Why are we going long distance sailing with a baby and a toddler? A sailing boat - the worst possible place for small children who can not swim yet? A sailboat - where dangers lurk everywhere and where you hurt yourself, where it is cramped, where one has no privacy, where you can not move, where the ground is crooked and you sway from one side to the other if you are not seated. A sailing boat, where children pass out of boredom and parents are overwhelmed to lead the ship and to care for the children - not to mention sleep deprivation. So why?

Good question! To which I honestly have no clear answer. I do not think that there is one reason, but more the interplay the circumstances. Maybe one could roughly describe it as our lifes` situation. This includes:

  • Spend time the kids
  • Allow the kids to develop a free mind without the influence local conventions
  • Living with nature
  • Get to know our planet
  • Decelerate our lives, experience more consciously

Yes, blue water sailing with small children is exhausting, intense and sometimes nerve-wracking. Nevertheless, we so far had a brilliant time at sea with lots of fun and a great encounters with nature and people.

"Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain!"
- Vivian Greene -