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44° 50.5' N
13° 50.5' O
Veruda Marina, Pula, Kroatien
12:15 UTC+2
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13.08.2019 11:45 UTC+2
88 °F
Gentle breeze from Northwest

Moya in a nut shell

Moya is Tanzanian and means as much as air, spirit, soul but also heart. The meaning, as well as very pragmatic, the advantage of a short, easy-to-understand name in international radio communications were reasons for naming our ship. Moya sails under German flag, her home port is Stuttgart.

Bild von MOYA

The key facts

Ship yard: Motiva, Denmark
Rig: Sloop
Material: Steel
Hull shape: Hard chine
Length over all: 13,36 m
Length of hull: 11,99 m
Width: 3,70 m
Draft: 1,90 m
Tonnage: about 19 t
Height of mast: 16 m
Sailsize (Main+Genoa): about 100 squaremeter
Engine: Ford 2722 C-Power, 90hp
Fuel tank (diesel): 800 l
Fresh water tanks: 2 x 28
Interior: Selfmade
Build year: 1994

Outside views